I'Ll Find A Way To Handle This Myself

The best advice to give to anyone,
Is the advice that isn't given.
Especially if the attempt intended,
Has not been directly solicited or mentioned.
Avoid controversy.
And by all means...
Do not give opinions on anyone's relationships.

If there are those who insist,
Upon being fools at their own expense...
Why bother throwing away an invested interest?
Benefits are more rewarding,
To come when one does not expect them.

Keep lips shut.
Listen to nod as if to comprehend.
And prepare to do something creative,
If a situation warrants it.
With a leaving people like this to exit quick,
To allow them to obtain...
Their own experience as needed.

If you don't,
Any advice you give will be yours to regret.
And anyone you give it to,
Whether solicited or not...
Will never let you forget it.

What do you think?
Should I ask for a divorce?
Or should I continue to cheat on my spouse?
With both of my secret lovers?
What's wrong.
Why did you suddenly,
Cover your mouth with your hand? '

I gotta ooofache.~

'A toothache? '


'Well, don't just sit there.
Go take care of it.
I understand.
I'll find a way to handle this myself.
I'll catch up with you later.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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