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I'Ll Follow Jane
(25 April 1854 – 3 November 1926 / Ontario)

I'Ll Follow Jane

Poem By Robert Kirkland Kernighan

I put my faith in Janey Smith,

Religion does n't bother me ;
It 's somethin I do n't monkey with ;

I never learned the trick d' ye see ?
They say I 'm on the road to hell ;

Jes so I think my course is plain,
Fer I 'm all right and doin well

I 've put my faith in little Jane.

Religious folk hev struv and raved,

An did their best at ' savin ' me
What nonsense this fer I Ve bin saved ;

The pen'tent bench was Janey's knee.
I promised Jane I would n't fight,

Ner chaw, ner swear, ner drink again ;
My Savior kem to me that night

A well- worked scheme of Him and Jane,

I uster go to church an sich,

An take pertracted meetins in,
They flummixed me, an which was which

I could n't tell, amonxt the din.

This hell menagerie business hit

Me wrong side up it was n't plain ;

I can't surround the church a bit,
But I can understand my Jane.

She does n't nag me 'bout my soul :

She does n't say I 'm soaked in sin ;
She sits an sings Roll, Jordan, Roll,

An I jist dropp a chorus in ;
An when I tell her what they say,

Thet I am damned an sway behind,
She looks up in her gentle way

With : ' Do what 's right an never mind.'

The Lord's right hand holds Janey's hand,

An her right hand is holdin me ;
Their love is my salvation, an

I 'm proud to say salvation's free ;
An when I 've kep my word a year,

An wore off all the old-time stain,
Then I will read my title clear

To heaven on earth and little Jane.

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