I'll Forget The Difference It Would Make

There are statistics kept,
That conflict with known truth.
And discovered facts.
What would be the reason,
For the purpose of anyone doing that?

'Why would you ask 'me' such a question? '

You seem not to notice or care what is popular.
And yet you say you are competitive.

'I am.'

With who or what?


What about the others?

'The others? '

The others.

I have had multiple experiences.
So diverse and different.
You had me worried for a moment.'


'I thought you were referring to other people.
And I admit through my growth process,
It may seem as if...
I am in a competition with 'them'.'

You're not?

'It's enough competing with myself.
Why would I want to invite,
That kind of confusion? '

What about your popularity?
And how you are rated?

'By who? '

Forget it.
What difference would it make?

'For me?
If you want me to pretend,
You and I are in competition...
We can.
When do you want to begin? '

Forget it.
What difference would it make?

Are we on a candid camera?
You picked a wrong day.
How about tomorrow? '

Forget it.
What difference would it make?

I'll forget the difference it would make.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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