I'Ll Get Through This

I loved you like no one else I gave you everything, even myself
I was nothing but kind and sweet
And you took me for granted how could you do this to me?
I have never hurt you and you can’t seem to see
I have never been one for forgiving
And now you stand here and beg me
An accident morally wrong
And all I can say is you knew what you were doing all along
We can fix this you plead and I shake my head
You shattered us you see when you let her into your bed
Now I will say these last few words as I slowly part
You could have never loved me and you are a jerk
I gave so much just to make you happy now it’s over and please don’t get sappy
Stand up and take it like a man because I have now ended us my dear
Darling you were my first love but there is no place for you here
Goodbye my love I will miss you forever
But I can never forgive or forget this no matter what be the weather
Tears will come for many nights but I’ll get through it no matter how long
And the next time you see me I will be in a new light and not so alone

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