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I'Ll Give You Me...

I'Ll Give You Me...

Poem By Vijaiya Ramkissoon

When the roads are lonely and cries are all you hear,
When the trees are bare and dusk is near,
When your world is black and nothing brings cheer
My hand I’ll give you to hold so don’t live in fear.

When pain is more than that which time could heal,
When it seems like no one understands how you feel,
When you look happy but your inner emotions you conceal,
My arms will be open to embrace you with love that’s real.

When you’re amongst countless people yet you’re alone,
When in life you think that you’re walking on your own,
When you feel as though on the roadside you’ve been thrown,
My heart will always be open… a place you can call your home…

Bless! !

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Comments (2)

A great poem... I gave you 10 for this :)
Too Good and very beautiful. Great rhyme!