HMM (May 3,1981 / Olympia, WA)

I'll Just Let It Show

I sit and think if you think of me
And if or when we are meant to be.
A little bit of ache, a little bit of tug
And all I can do for my heart is simply shrug.

I couldn't even tell you why I would give up my soul for you
Or if seven lifetimes from now our love would still be true
But at the moment, I can't stand the moonlight alone
Thinking of the moments when I equally shone.

I don't know why I'm so scared to love like this:
To give you my heart, when I lack your kiss.
If you are mine, then you are mine everywhere.
But what if I lose you before we get there?

I would give it up to fate, if I knew what that was
Until that answer finds me, I will love you just because.
And I wonder if you will come back to find me
And if at that moment I will finally be free.

I was so much stronger before you came along
I feel so vulnerable, it feels so wrong.
I love you, I love you; and I'm sure that you know,
I cannot say it, so I'll just let it show.

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Very enjoyable poem, Heather