I’ll Learn One Day What They Know

I ran into Tammy Alderman today.
She asked me, “Do you know
Jerry West died last month of a heart attack? ”
I told her, “No, I didn’t know.”
She then asked, “Do you know
Paul Graff died a year ago
With a brain tumor? ”
I said, “No way! Not Paul!
He was a complete sweetheart,
I knew him from kindergarten!
I’ll think about him now
For the rest of the night! ”

From my teens on,
I’ve gazed at death
With lustful eyes,
But my grade school
And high school pals
Have perished instead!

Like Allen Ginsberg wrote
In a poem from the1970’s,
“I never learned to die.”

From the Master’s poem: Ode to Failure

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (7)

Uriah, I'm sorry but this one made me laugh. The irony is spot on even if the subject is macabre. Excellent job!
You have so much tallent, let us see ALL! the brilliance.Don't hide it in a shadow.Your far too special.love Duncan
My heart is touched by your sadness, but your gift has survived it all. God has not forgotten you.Praise for your eloquent poem. from, Sandra
a heart so steeped in honesty will do well and prosper and the lust soon shall flip from death to the great uplifting power of creation and though sadness seems perpetual it cannot be perpetual the need to create defies everything life can throw against the sensitive soul a great poem
I read this and the first thing in my mind is not death, but perhaps a feeling of moving, of growing to some end. Different words invite in us different feelings and flashes of insight or inspiration. I enjoyed the read because it not only told a story, but it also told a lie.
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