I'Ll Let You Go

I cant believe you left me
I cant believe you're gone
Was it something that i said
Did i do something wrong


This is so hard
I still love you
Even if it hurts like hell
It is something I must do
I'll let you go

I cant believe you left me
I really thought you cared
Did you forget that i have feelings too
Did you forget the things we shared

I cant believe you left me
I cant believe you lied
I dont want to understand
I wont even try

Rpeat Chorus

I cant believe you left me
I really dont know why
But everyday these questions run through my head
Then i sit down and cry

Repeat Chorus

I'll let you go

by Elizabeth Burnworth

Comments (1)

This reminds me so much of a boy that I was in school with. He couldn't see this girl inside of me that wanted so much to love him. We finally had a very romantic kiss when we were both 17, but now he's gone away. He has his wife and children and they are happy. To love someone deep down is to want them to be happy, and if he is happy love him deep in your heart and let him go. Mostly this deep love makes us sad, because we only want whats best for the one that left. Let him go, and remember too Elizabeth that there are many fish in the sea, and there is one out there waiting for you that will love you forever. Take care girl because time heals all wounds. 'Stay strong Elizabeth, because it is in your strength that you can heal.' Love & hugs, Barbara 'With confidence and forbearance, we will have the strength to move forward.'