I'Ll Light Another Candle

Now I guess I will have to light another candle
Because the one I lit before has lost its glow
It brings back many a fond recollection of the moments that we shared not long ago

Oh Mother dear I hear your sweet voice echoing anew
Through far away it seems to say son I still love you
Now your love is like the mist that breaks before the dawn
That silently embraces me and seems to linger on.
And for all your toil and tears I've made my life's review
I was just a dreamer from the start but now I see things through
I thought of many things I didn't do that would have touched your heart

But now we had to part
So I'll just let your leaving be my destiny a placard posted there
To honor your fond memory in my every thought and prayer
But if time don't shake each memories ache when I get sad and blue
Than Mother dear I'll meet you there just beyond that misty blue
Oh mother dear you are always here anchored to the bottom of my heart
And some sweet day I hope and pray
That we will never have to part

by Charles R. McCarthy

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