I'll Look To The Sky

I'll Look To The Sky
Date: March 16,2016

Our story has always been complicated
Both light and dark, joyous yet tragically sad
We've weathered many storms in our passing
Many self-made by misrepresentation of our true intent

But, I've always believed that I'd find that part of you
The place where you've hidden kindness and true understanding
Where words are not twisted into reason for anger
And genuine sentiment is not construed as something of grave offense

It seems that the years have turned our hearts away from the prospect of intimacy
Instead we've devoted our time to the dark side of our true nature
Giving away the chance of real meaning or the kind of tenderness that comes from the heart
While dwelling far too long on useless banter and superficial rhetoric

Now I look back at our torn and tangled past
A web that closed around us to swallow us whole
We have no choice but to face the finality of it all
As fate bound us to a future far removed from our pretend

It finally sank, my faith, like a rock tossed to the ocean floor
We will never surface to feel the warmth outside our caged existence
Our destiny, to pass as ships on a dark and restless sea
Seeing from a distance but lost as to how to connect in a meaningful way

The years have swept us far, far away from a promise of tomorrow
Like water under a bridge, the dreams of fire and fantasy are long past
We've far too many opportunities lost to misconception and ensuing pain
And there is no light at the end of our tunnel to signify a bright or promising future

It seems time has silenced our voices and our passions to truly know each other
And we are left with trivial pursuits of little regard to our hearts
My mind screams, begging me to admit this cold and painful truth
To find acceptance and make peace with the life that lay ahead of me

I'll look to the sky and remember you in soft rolling clouds
Forever beautiful to my eyes, my heart and my memories
But achingly out of reach, as much today as yesterday
As much today…as the many, many years before

Copyright © 2016 Leria Hawkins, All Rights Reserved

by Leria Hawkins

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