I'Ll Love You Always

Although the sun sets everyday
I think of you always
And with each ray that disappears
I thank God for you being here

When I see the sun setting
I smile knowing that we won't be forgetting
The memories we were making

It is at night that I come alive
In your arms you capture me
And I would stay there forever by your side
For it is the best place for me to be
The place where I belong
Always has, and always will be
Held close to your heart with your arms

Forever in your embrace
With a smile on my face
I'll be content, kept safe and warm
Knowing you won't cause me any harm

Please do not doubt me
I love you so much and I say it proudly
I know that sometimes you and I
Don't always see eye to eye
But keep me forever in your embrace
Because I'll love you always

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