I'Ll Never Be The Same Again

I wore your words around my neck,
But today they don't feel the same.
You broke my heart tonight,
You were so lame.

How could you say those words,
You were so calm
It was like you didn't do a thing.
Like you don't think you're wrong.

You are my absolute everything,
My heart, my soul and more.
I wish you could see me crying,
Instead of hearing it on the phone.

Maybe then you'd realize,
How you make my heart bleed
Even if I'm just your something,
You are everything I need.

You found your place in my life.
You filled my heart with love.
Then you broke it into a million pieces
What were you thinking of? ! ! !

I wore your words around my neck,
Now it's a noose of pain
You broke my heart that day...
I'll never be the same.

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Langston Hughes


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