Creamy Chocolate Cake

Guy the gorilla
Needed a filla
For his new made chocolate cake.
His perfect dream
Was a tube of cream
And this was his big mistake.

He went round the house
He asked his young spouse
Who banged her big chest
And said with frosty
Voice she was in need of a rest,
So get lost! Thee!

But at last he espied
On a ledge at the side
Of his bath a gleaming white tube.
Found it, my Rube,
He cried to his wife
Who woke, now ready for strife.
So he hid in the kitchen
Where he was itchin'
To cream up his beautiful cake.
So he squeezed out a lake
Of the stuff, oozy white.
So he took a big bite
And swallowed it whole
Then let out a scream to appal!
His wife came a running,
By this time fuming,
And grabbed the tube from his paw.
It's toothpaste! She cried with a loud guffaw!
Nor could she spare a comforting word
For her hubby's misericord.
At least his grief
Would have some relief
To ease his bout of sorrow.
He'd have shiny teeth tomorrow!

by Tom Billsborough

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What is it in the 'step'.. I remember the First Ever night that I was raped. I was raped by my step brother. He had dragged me out of bed in the middle of the night and pulled me into my closet. wrapped a towel around my head. and Went on. I was screaming and i could bearly breathe, I can still remember the smell of his sweet just dripping all over me. He told me that If i were to tell someone he was going to kill my father. I never really spoke to my father but i didn't want anything to happen to him so I let it go on for about 7 years. This occured when I was 6, I was in grade 1. I am now 16 And sometimes I wake up and I can still smell him all over me, I still haven't told my dad, I guess I don't want to hurt him from keeping something from him for that long. When i was 13... My dad took My brothers and I and we ran away and moved into another house because my step mom would abuse us the whole time we were living there. Still hard though. I always wonder why something like this had to happen to me. And why Any sick minded freak would do anything like that.
Im 13 years old me and my older sisters were raped by our step father i was only 8 he didnt really care but i did and my mamma did but when i told i didnt fell wrong but i felt like i did something good even though we moved i still dont blame myself or any of my sisers i simple blame him hes the one who got my sister pregnant hes the one who killed my brother hes the one who beat my brother but me im the one who did the right thing.
i know sort how you feel. i was rapped. only by one person tho. and i cant get past it. it happend 9 months ago for me and i am trying to put it behind me and move on but i cant. one day we will find a way. all of us who have gone thru it. we will have our day. keep strong. xox
I know how you feel i know your pain. i hope the day will come you find your way.
i hope you have found that day, for i'm still searching for mine.