I'Ll Never Leave Your Side

I promise you, I’ll never ever leave your side
I promise you, I’ll never desert you my bride
I’ll always be the safest shelter where you can hide
I’ll always be the one, in whom you can confide

I’ll forever stay stuck to you like a fish to its fin
Together, we’ll saunter through thick and thin
Weathering all the growling storms of our life
And you’ll always be my #1 irreplaceable wife

I’ll glow like the full moon over your darkest sky
I’ll always be the man who led you down the aisle
I’ll never intentionally make you feel awfully low
I won’t ever leave you to the comfort of your pillow

When you walk, I’ll walk with you in the boulevards
I’ll be your aces and hearts in an endless pack of cards
And when you decide to go alone, I’ll be your shadow
I’ll trail your footprints through the cold paths of snow

There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to be by your side
How I wish my bony ribcages could lock you up inside
I’ll be willing to defensively pull up my sharp edged sword
To show you how well I mean every single bit of my words

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