I'Ll Point It Out To You, Right Now!

The misunderstanding began,
When you perceived me to be a figment created...
By your imagination.
And your attraction,
To the surface of things without a pursuance of depth...
Has begun a division that ends in a permanent separateness.
Oh yes...
Taking a respect I've always shown to you,
As a sign of acceptance of your disrespect.
And you have not gotten this correct yet!
Your thoughtlessness,
Disgusts me.

I'll point it out to you,
Right now!

Do you see my raised eyebrow?
See how that is followed,
By the gritting of my teeth?
Do you witness my hand making a fist?
Does anything about this,
Relay to your mind that I might be pissed?
I am!
Very much.
And prepared, physically, to let you know all about it!
Since retaliation is what you have instigated.
I have no choice but to deliver what you wish.

You confront me with violence.'

You have defamed me with deceit!
You get no cheeks here to turn.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Very, very good...now I can see the true feelings of a great human being manifested in such a great way! I am very glad I have been dealing with a real being, unique in his own way, Bravo...God Bless You! I have no time waste in losing my cool....HAPPY NEW YEAR!