I'll Reach The Moon

I'm a child, with wishes flying high
In my imagination, the moon is nigh
I'll reach it, with a big single leap
In the air, catch it and love it deep
I'm leaving, good or bad, all behind,
Everything on my way I ever could find
Only to hold you in my arms
Silver, round face of my dreams
So far, yet so near you seem
As I run to you, my heart screams
The dark holds me back no more
Your light leads me to my shore.

Nosheen Irfan © 2016
All Rights Reserved

by Nosheen Irfan

Comments (6)

Moon has always a dream of man. The poetess has nicely painted this desire in her poem, but I think there is a hidden symbolic meaning in it.Perhaps she has a desire that often looks childish to her still she is confident that her desire will be fulfilled.
excellent words...really u r a great poet.....
In my imagination. Nice work.
THIS IS A POEM OF DESIRE. You aere so close to possessing what you desire because it's also a POEM OF ACTION. Those two impulses are not often so completely in sync. Too often desire makes a person passive, listless, and then depression takes hold. In this poem I get exactly the opposite. Your desire to bond with the moon makes you energetic, resourceful, successful. Whatever the moon symbolizes for you, you have grasped it. What a Leap of Faith you; ve given us!
Outstanding poem, no limit for our wishes and we can go anywhere.100+
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