I'Ll Smile When You Die...

I push you away
And your voice is running through my veins
But I'll smile when you die -
If it's by my hands.
And if I have to watch you gasp
then it might not be so fun
But I'll smile anyways -
And look on...

Don't test me and
You know I'll love hating you
And smiles are only skin deep -
But I'll smile when you die
If it's by my hands
And if I have to see you struggle
Then it might not be too great
But when it's said and done
It's your misery over mine.

by Christina Moore

Comments (2)

Another harrowing, unsettling write. But this means its a strong write, as I'm sure you know, Anon. P.S: please tell us who you are!
You describe the hell of unfulfilled love perfectly. But murder, has already taken place, the act is just a matter of finishing the job and as the poem states, when it gets that bad, it's you or them. 10 from Tai