CM ( / Ottawa, Ont. CA)

I'Ll Smile When You Die...

I push you away
And your voice is running through my veins
But I'll smile when you die -
If it's by my hands.
And if I have to watch you gasp
then it might not be so fun
But I'll smile anyways -
And look on...

Don't test me and
You know I'll love hating you
And smiles are only skin deep -
But I'll smile when you die
If it's by my hands
And if I have to see you struggle
Then it might not be too great
But when it's said and done
It's your misery over mine.

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Another harrowing, unsettling write. But this means its a strong write, as I'm sure you know, Anon. P.S: please tell us who you are!
You describe the hell of unfulfilled love perfectly. But murder, has already taken place, the act is just a matter of finishing the job and as the poem states, when it gets that bad, it's you or them. 10 from Tai