I'Ll Still Follow You

Why would you walk into my empty life
Only to tear my heart open with a knife
Do you know I was somehow strong before
But now you're walking out that open door
What would happen to this lonely heart
That has always thought everything aright

To wherever you may go, I'll still follow
I do not care who you meet or my sorrow
For I do know, you'll never find true peace
As I never ever will, with my heart in pieces

Why would you make everything all so new
And so-so fresh and moist as the morning dew
Only to make them ugly, as life without colours
Without happiness and all the intense humour
That I find only in your face when you smile
And in our hopes of walking down that aisle

To wherever you may run with my heart
I'll still follow you, doesn't matter the hurt
For I do know, you're the only one I desire
As I have been assured by this flaming fire

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