I'Ll Take Care Of Yours, First

I get it.
It's making more sense to me now.

I am responsble,
For the feeding of your excesses.
And my own necessities,
Of which you could care less
'How' they are met.
You regard as none of your business.

Why didn't you explain to me,
Before I became upset.
I was under the 'assumption,
You and I were into this together.
How could I be so selfish to believe that?
Now that I have clarity,
By all means taqke from me whatever you wish.

I'll just forget my needs all together.
I mean
What is the purpose of my having needs anyway?
Do I mind the continued sacrificing?
Don't be foolish.

I was just about to pinch my pennies to pay my bills.
You know
The rent and utilities?
Why don't you bring yours over.
I'll take care of yours,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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