I'Ll Tell You A Secret

I’ll tell you a secret,
But you’ve got to keep it hush-hush.
As if this ever got out,
My dreams it would crush.

You know I trust you,
I’m giving you this in confidence.
But if this escapes,
I would deduce no coincidence.

I’m tired of it all,
I’m tired of hiding.
Just so you know,
It is in you I’m confiding.

I’m scared of what will happen,
What will be.
I’m praying you keep this close,
That is my plea.

This thing happened,
That shouldn’t have been done.
I hope you can keep quiet,
Before I am overrun.

It is of the utmost,
And highest.
And I am done,
If you are not at your shyest.

Brace yourself,
Ok here goes, it involves this gang.
Plus the leader of-

by Sam Price

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