I'Ll Think Of You

As I go to sleep, I'll think of you -
The things we've done, the things we'll do -
And my dreams of you will last and love will stay-
though the slumber hours, until the light of day.
And daytime thoughts will keep you near,
and a worried mind, I need not fear -
For your image walks beside me,
in all my plans and schemes -
I wouldn't want it any other way,
I think we'll make a darned good team!
And I'll send you all my love-
Though we're a thousand miles apart,
and you can store it with the rest,
deep within your loving heart.
I'll think of things we've done,
I'll think of things we'll do -
and when I go to sleep my love...
why then, I'll think of you.

by david lessard

Comments (14)

A poem of deep love this is with passionate many words. It is clearly stated the love shown here. there is no doubt of the love felt.; the language shows it quit well. I like the simplicity of the diction and the flow of the poem. Nothing hard or complicated in this piece but love from begining to end. Luis Estable
Amazing! ! ! I read it three times just for the sake of reading, keep writing!
A beautiful sentiment beautifully expressed
very nice.beautifully done.liked it.
Nice feeling! just I didn't get the 'why' in the last line? Thanks
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