I'Ll Wait

I will not hate
if you wanna be late
it is not an easy estate
to sell, I don't know the going rate
I'll wait
I'll wait
wait don't close your gate
and let's not have a debate
but look me on straight
and ask, 'are you my soul-mate? '
Then I'll wait for my fate
sorry if I make you wait
But I am going to make you late!

by Amanda May Moore

Comments (4)

I don't know if poets typically comment but I wanted any further readers to know that the Bible says, 'Love is patient...' :) ~blessings~
The best things in life are worth waiting for...
Wait makes one's heart ponder the real feeling... but do not make it too long the intensity might fade. Strike while the iron is hot my dear. Very good poem, high marks from me.
Well you just about came full circle with that one.....outstanding message....hope it's heard by the right eyes or ears: O)