Freedom In A Metaphor Bird

the little bird
driven by hunger
comes near the place
where you are seating
because you
spread some grains
of rice
on the ground just
below the tree

without looking at you
it pecks upon a few
and then in a few seconds
flies away

swims through the air
and leaves you
once again
feeling so fettered....


Comments (17)

i will always worship you, of my heart you are the kille' lovely words keep it up
Love is beauty that resides in heart, not on skin. A love lorn heart sees only beauty in her lover. Very tender and lovely poem, thanks for sharing.The lines that I liked most in the poem- - 45 was even better we're picking up the pace! Each line is a trophy on your blissed-out face
Alice, may you and your loved one continue to age gracefully. In a culture that continues to praise youthfulness, it's refreshing to see a reversal in this well thought out poem. Congratulations on Poem Of The Day!
Love not only grows on young but also it grows on old age. Very nicely and tenderly painted it in this poem. It is a beautiful poem really. Thanks and congratulation.
45 was even better! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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