I Lo0k At Th3 Razorblad3 Fr0m Time To Time-07

*this poem was written about a friend,
and what she is going thru these days*
i quit cutting a while back
and im doing good
no slits on my wrists,
no blood going down my arm,
everything was fine
i had even quit using my 'rubber buddy'

but its not so easy
when your family is like mine
an alchoholic dad,
who's acts more like a kid than i do
hes always yelling
and calling me names
a stubborn sister,
who loves to blackmail me

and who acts like i get everything
when everything=all of their crap
a god worshiping mother,
who thinks im the one causing her to take meds
she blames me when mistakes happen
she even thought i was pregnant one time
but as hard as it was,
i held back the anger, the hurt, every feeling

and now i wana let it loose
the tamed lion wants out!
i promised my brother,
i wouldnt cut again
and i have to stick to my promise
no matter what!
but every now and then
i catch myself, looking at the razorblade again

by Selena Star

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WOW.....this is great oive this poem! ! ! !
This is a very fine piece written in a matter of fact style that contrasts brilliantly with its raw and terrifying content. Wow, this piece is compelling and so bleak and yet I sense the strength of the writer underneath. Great poem. love, Allie xxxx
best read for me today though i hate to say enjoyed
Your situation sounded exactly like mine when I was younger. I used to cut too, and I found out it makes nothing better... It actually just made everything worse. And I figured... since everyone else was treating me like crap, I might as well have a little respect for myself. So... yeah. Take care.
Sorry to hear about your troubles. You seem to be a strong person. If you believe in yourself, you can conquer anything.
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