I Locked You In My Heart....

Not like every body i'll say that you are in my heart,
just like me, i'll say that i fixed you in that!
I 'll not say what you usually hear, saying you are my reflection,
but i'll say that i'm your shadow and you are my personification.
You are a part of me i thought,
but came to know that you are whole of it!
I won't say that you are my mirror image,
but if you are the mirror, I am the image!
You are the sunshine of my life,
because you are the sun and i'm its grace and shine!
Like anybody else i didn't like you at the first sight,
but after getting to know about you, i liked you a lot.
When you spoke to me as a stranger, i was scared of you,
now i'm scared to leave you!
I locked you in my heart and threw away the key,
somewhere so far, so that i can forever be with thee,
i did this so that you can't leave me even if you want to
and can never leave you or loose you...
I fixed you for this life,
and decided forever i shall be yours....

by Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla

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