I Long To Get Lost

An intense ache,
a longing inside me
Not for a dream or person
but to immerse myself
in the depths of the ocean
To be enveloped by the formless
be carried into the vastness
Let it's weight drown my pain
And never find my way
back to the surface again.

by Nidhi Agrawal

Comments (3)

I reminds me of an old movie song: जा कर कहीं खो जाऊं मैं नींद आए और सो जाऊं मैं दुनिया मुझे ढूंढे मगर मेरा निशां कोई न हो ऐ दिल मुझे ऐसी जगह ले चल जहां कोई न हो
The mysticism resounding in the poem overwhelms the reader. A philosophy nicely presented. Thanks.
Poem reflecting your crying heart.. Strong emotions.. ++10 You may like my poem: Deep pain