I Look At Ancient Walls

I look at ancient walls and terraced ground and dream,
I hear laughter,
I hear the clatter of people going about their daily routine,
I hear voices of the people that are deep in conversation,
Flute music drifts across a ravine,
The sound of digging upon terraced ground,
I see crops being harvested,
I see crops being sown,
I see harmony,
A condor fly’ s high above this scene of unity,
He over sees all the terrain that lays below,
A ribbon in a rainbow flow threads its way along mountain feet,
Prismic colors arch beneath the turquoise blue sky,
I see the domination of gigantic mountains,
Snow decorates the mountain peaks,
I see thermals that spiral all the way to infinity,
Colorful costumes catch the eye,
Reds, blues, turquoise, greens, yellows, and orange,
Gold trinkets, silver bracelets and jade too,
Decorate bodies bronzed,
I hear waterfalls thundering down mountain walls,
I see a mystic spray in a golden glow intermingling with silver as it drifts,
Into rays of sun light that travels from our sun at the speed of light,
As the sun sets on this civilization,
All the colors of the spectrum bleed across the sky,
As blackness descends and devours all in my sight,
Diamonds appear out in the stratosphere,
Pulsating colors that are reflected from the sun,
A shooting star travels into self destruction,
Astronomers map the sky and study time,
They set the calendar and create months,
They plot the seasons to plant the crops,
Men of spiritual power foresee the future,
They look to the heavens for something else,
They look for something that’ s greater than them,
Something out there in the depths of space,
Some one who visits them unseen by all?
He lives in a dement ion not marked by time,
I see an aurora in iridescent color on a distant ledge,
I guess it’ s him and I now come back to reality,
My dreams fulfilling as it traveled time to return to today from yesterday,
All I saw has faded away and all that stands before me now are ruins,
My Vision My Dream

(Posted by: cougartracks)

by Osceola Waters

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