Iam Seeing Love,

Iam seeing love,
Iam seeing love in the Future,
Iam seeing that talent in you,
In all your flicks,
Iam seeing that love in you,
Iam seeing that Profanity is not part of you,

Iam seeing love that is percolating,
Iam seeing love that is Beneficial,
That mankind is on a Battle field,
The man that Iam,
This is the love that I searched for,
Eagle one,
Come and see the good is from love,
God is the love that is in our souls.

by maxpoet beauty

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: 'And shakes this fragile frame at eve, ' With throbbings of noon tide' Any explication of this by me is superfluous, especially if you are under the age of fifty!
A tremendous poem, marked by Hardy’s unflinching realism. Looking into his mirror, he objectively notes the destruction wrought by age and wishes that his capacity to feel had diminished alongside his features. The second verse tells us that what hurts most is the falling off of affection towards him; the felt loss of love from those who mean most to him. He notes that bodily and emotional decrepitude - the capacity to feel and care –do not go hand in hand; one dies piecemeal. The ‘throbbings of noontide’ refers not just to memories but to this lasting capacity to feel and care. So much in three verses, using ballad form and a simple abab rhyme scheme, is itself a definition of genius.