With My Body I Thee Worship

That I adore thee, my most gracious queen,
More in my spirit than my body's sense
Of thine, were such incredible pretence
As I would scorn to utter. Thou hast seen
When eyes and lips, responsive to the heart,
Were bent in worship of thy lips and eyes,
Until, O bliss! each pleasure-pulsing part
Hath found its fellow in Love's sweet emprise;
Each answering other in such eager wise
As they would never cease to kiss and cling-
Ah! then meseemed amid the storm of sighs
I heard thy voice exclaiming, 'O my King!
So may my soul be ever true to thine,
As with thy body thou dost worship mine!'

by John Godfrey Saxe

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I think this poem is about letting go. You gaze through your broken windows at something precious from long ago that can never be recaptured and yet has been transformed as 'your yearning sinks with the rich moon into white. Acceptance delivered with grace and poetic skill. Love, Alison ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
P is for poet O is for of E is for exceptional T is for talent Bill Grace
Sandra, not very often do i come across a poem that stuns my literary senses... And don't take that as my being aloof, as none of my own work has stun me yet! The imagework employed in this piece is radiant, as is the vernacular, in general. I wrote on a similar theme awhile back....but it pales in comparrison to this.i. rarely do this, but i have added this poem to my very small collection of 'Favorites'....Outstanding work, young lady! It's of no surprise to me that you are a published Poet...you must afford me some tips one of these days! lol! ~ ~ ~
Sad, but a most beautiful piece of poetry, written by a master of the craft. Thankyou Sandra---Melvina---
Your poem so captures the difference between western and eastern culture, this being the lonliness in the west. Sad and beautifully portrayed. So fresh and cool I could feel it and see night sky while dreaming the cloud bridge. Great work. Best wishes, eliza
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