HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

I Looked Everywhere

I looked up in heaven, I looked down below, yes I looked everywhere,
I looked up at the moon, I looked at the stars, but I couldn't see you nowhere,
I looked in the east, I looked in the west, I looked in the north and the south,
I looked in the oceans, I looked o'er the plains, then I looked in the river mouth,
I soared like an eagle to look from above, just trying to find you my love,
I climbed up the mountain, yes I swam the sea, hoping, praying that you would find me,
I looked in the deserts so hot and so dry, I walked over prairies, till I thought I would die,
I talked to the winds that blow across the land, they told me I'd find you somewhere,
so I talked to the clouds that cover the skies, but they, just didn't care,
I went to the forests and I went to the woods, there I spotted your sign,
there was a blue rope, just hanging there, it told me that you were mine,
so I started to sing a very sad song, the words I hoped you would hear,
the sounds carried to you on the wings of love and soon you were right there,
you came running right to my arms and there I held you so tight,
I heard sounds of guitars strumming, and the moon rose so early that night,
the birds were a singing a song we all know, the song that captures a heart,
they sing of a love so grand and so right, one that never will part,
then all around us, happiness showed, in the faces of all that were there,
they knew I had found you and you had found me, that they really did care,
so tell me my darling, tell me my dear, tell me the words, that I need to hear,
tell me you love me and will always be mine and say that you'll always be near.

written by Harry Bryant
1/19/02 6: 33: 02 PM ©
All rights reseved

by Harry Bryant

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