I Looked Into The Mother-Night

I looked into the mother-night,
into the darkness that befalls us all,
hushed was the age-old gloom
where some stars were dim and others bright
and some were large and others small
while shadows were creeping abut the room
and there was no man-made unnatural light
just planets, stars and galaxies did the scene befall
and the night was in her prime, in her bloom.
Glimmering, glowing dots of blue, yellow and red was in my sight
and I wondered about the universe and what of it I could recall,
wondered if this world was destined for greatness or for doom
and while I did peer upon space without any feeling of fright
its expanse was like an unsurpassable wall
while in the distance sounded the shore’s thunder and boom.

by Gert Strydom

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