I Looked Without Eyes

I Looked Without Eyes

While I waited just a jiff at maker’s eternity gate
Back in my global village, people meet to mate
And procreate; they wake late looking for a date;
A life without hatches and matches they hate.

But here with the dead, my soul was weighed
By angels in celestial scales; they just sighed!
‘Before here, where were you? ’ one flayed;
‘In the garden eating just a fruit, ’ I prayed.

‘It was not a just fruit’ I was by archangel busted
‘You lusted for it and harvested hell’ his crusted
Words disgusted me; I kept quiet and adjusted
My thoughts, ‘But Sire, it was ‘cause I trusted

‘One word..’ He closed his eyes and looked.
He closed his lips and the book. I was booked.
I waited and waited. The gate in front was locked.
And I breathed again. Then without eyes I looked.


by Swamidhason Francis

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My soul was weighed. With the muse of the Troubles of life. Nice work.