Class Reunion (2018)

'From elementary years
to college days
from old campuses of schools
to places we now stay
that to our forthcoming reunion
we will come together
to relive those past
all the things we do in the morning
before going to school
the times spent with our classmates
remembering the tears...
and remembering the smiles...
we will flocked together in a reunion
that for years has separated us
from our chosen destinies
and there is nothing more
we want to do
but to see one another
a chance that for a few hours
we will be together again
not to compare life...
not for competition...
but to let everyone know
that we all made it
we have survived and suceeded
that through all the changes
that happened in our lives
our tender hearts has softened
from years of hardships
experienced and wisdom.'

by Jesus Diaz Llorico

Comments (1)

The poem is a mirror of contemporary society its fashions, modes of thought. Truly Uzma.