SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)


These feelings have gone past confusion and hate
When I die im going to bust down the pearly gate
Hypocritical fraud
ill never call you my god
This is my one and only prayer
So listen and beware

No longer do my thoughts linger on suicide
Instead they are chained down on deicide

No reason for making life so unbearable
Except for the fact that your truly terrible

No longer will I live my life in fear
I wont be one of those slaves you hold so dear
Who are you to look down on me
Condescending mother fucker leave me be

All this cursed Christianity
Has led me to complete insanity

What I wouldn't give to bring you down to the ground
And put holes in you round after round
So strong in the heavens above
Well see when, in your throat my knives I will shove

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