I Lost My Identity


Believe me! I lost entity of my own shadow
When I followed shadows of so - called greats.

Sometimes Nietzsche ruled my fresh mind
Sometime Jesus appeared to rectify them.

I intend to perceive myself as Buddha
But my behaviour favoured Hitler then.

Do their souls embody inside me?
Or my own soul is dead alive then

I gaze at my own plain mirror
I can't find reflection of mine.

I'm searching myself inside me
But not capable to find out yet.

Shall I manage for meditation
Or need to seek for revolution.

I need to visualise myself inside me
To establish myself as an unique me.

I need to preserve my fresh image
To ensure my own precious identity.

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Rudyard Kipling


Comments (15)

Nice expression with beautiful words, thank you poet.
A very good and thought provoking poem. We become a composite of many big and small personalities before realizing that none actually belongs to us. Our own self is simply a reflective mirror holding layers of perceptions for us to choose from. Congratulations for member poem place and thanks for sharing it.
It is always good to find yourself and know exactly who you are.
Please stop being negative, and dwell as deep as possible, with the guidance of a teacher, you will soon enough discover who you are. Very much thought provoking. Congrats for being the member's PoD.
tulsi, i relate to this poem. it reminds me of a bumper sticker i like which says be yourself. everyone else is taken. all the best to you. glen kappy
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