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I Lost My Love
RA (jan 1.1942 / Amman -Jordan)

I Lost My Love

when the sun set that evening,
when the sun fall into desert,
my tears had been falling,
I try to say goodbye.

I am leaving the dreaming town,
I am leaving for nowhere.
Can I hide my sore,
inside inside my eyes?

I lost my love that day,
I lost my lovely dreams,
and I have to say something.
I want to keep the tie.

Someone broke the ties,
destroy the nest I built,
he stole the lovely bird,
to whom to sat it why?

The tears made me tears,
the sad covered my face.
I am alone again.

I am alone under the sky.

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Comments (4)

this is a really good poem
hey i love this poem its really great
wow this is really a good poem
Expressing to the deepness of emotion through experience life journey. Beautiful!