I Lost My Sexual Urge

Poem By scarlet red

gotcha you in the title?
curious if that’s what I feel
i don’t know
don’t even wanna know… yet.

don’t know what to put here
in my mind, just had that thing
and wonder, what if?
gosh! can I take it?

Comments about I Lost My Sexual Urge

not me lol... and yes, you got me in the title... i don't think most poets would have this problem... i am finding out that poets are super human beings... they are beyond constraints. they are capable of just about anything and every thing under the sun and above. stay inspired! love, k
okay the poem caught me too P/S also an enjoyable read
Dog gone it- you got me! This is very clever, Scarlet! An absolute 10!
Definitely got me in with the title. I expected a usual type of a poem, just to stumble accross this interesting piece! Preets
I like this Scarlett. It would be nice to play around with it rather than have it in two stanzas. It's an interesting piece though.

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