I Lost You Found

You’re the one, who let me down,
A very strong structure that I build in myself,
I promise not to fall,
But it seems your gravity cannot be stopped by my resistor.

I thought I had a very good capacitance, <
To help me prevent the sudden change of my heart,
In the end I had to admit.
You had melted the entire wall that I stand.

Each day I tried to conceal,
But your eye sees the very deep of me,
You had the power to look on subsurface of my soul,
And you know how to cross the circulatory ocean through

Touching my heart I know you ought to do,
But now I found that you also stole for you,
I can’t take it back ‘coz you’re holding it tight,
And hoping you’ll take care of it with all your might.

I thought I’d lost the very strong part of me,
But you promise to keep it securely,
And now I understand why I lost,
‘Coz you found.

by darry ontua

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