JF ( / missouri)

I Lost

I lossed the boyfriend I had.
He made me very sad
I could'n get mad.

He made me love he so much.
I still feel his touch.
Running down my back
Something that he lacks.

I figured out I can't live without him.
His soul completes me.
But I have to exept thee

I loss him because of a girl.
She really makes me hurll.
She is the type I hate
The one you can not break.

He made me so lonley
He was just a phoney.
But in my heart I still like him
Even though he did me wrong.

I hate to cry right now,
But its bad to cry over a man
Which I don't really understand
Because he wasn't a real man

Which I am saying that he wasn't strong
To stay with me that long.
He listened to his friends
Instead of what he felt inside

So he is no longer here
And no longer there
Lets just say he is not anywhere
In my world even though I still love him.

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