RKS (05/04/1944 / Delhi)

I Love A Good Laugh

I love a good laugh
I enjoy the company of those who laugh
A hearty laugh makes me forget my blues
Then the pall of gloom covering me lifts
And for a short while
I find relief from the sadness and hurt
That seems to afflict me alone
I taste happiness
I feel thoroughly cleansed
With the spark of life rekindled
I begin to glow
And with me my entire world blooms
My laughter is pure and spontaneous
I don't need any particular reason to laugh
I simply know
A happy mind always makes one smile
And the smile gives way to laughter
I shall have to seek that one individual
The remover of obstacles
Sporting a radiant smile
Ask him to create for me a little heaven of my own
Wipe away my sadness
Warmly hold my hands
Lovingly look deep into my eyes
Softly whisper into my ears encouraging words
And fill me with endless happiness.

by Ravinder Kumar Soni

Comments (2)

Ravinder, so happy to read this poem👍👍👍
A pure and spontaneous laugh is a great blessing. This is so wonderfully depicted through this poem. Thanks. I enjoy the company of those who laugh I taste happiness.... I feel thoroughly cleansed