I Love Him, I Decided Today!

Poem By Susan Lawino

I love him, I decided today
I made up my mind, I am in love with him
I have held opportunities in many handsome bodies
I have tasted the sweetest love from many a man’s fountain
I have made them want me even when they think they don’t anymore

I love him, I decided today
I stayed my course, held on to hope
I hoped that they would love me too, they didn’t
I prayed that we would stay forever, they were vain
I stumbled back into a love lost, he held me close
I found refuge for a while, he loved me deeply

I love him, I decided today
I stumbled out of love, my mind stuck in reminiscent hard bodies
I back tracked only to find an all too familiar love, non-reciprocated
I cried in the dark, bent over backwards to help make this work
I remembered a love profound and deep

I love him, I decided today
I want him back, the one that gently nursed my hurt
I reach out for him now, fully aware that he could say no this time
I press on because, without his love I’d only have hard bodies
I would have handsome brands like colourful commercials
I want a meaningful love this time round
I love him, I decided today.

4th April,2008. (Heartbreak, dreams, hopes, desires - About coimg to the realisation that a love once shunned/despised is the one that is the love for you)

Comments about I Love Him, I Decided Today!

It sounds like a best friend who is always there for you when things go wrong. Then, you realize you are in love with this best friend. Lots of hope and potential for a lasting relationship in this crazy uncertain world. I enjoyed your poem, Susan. Keep writing and sharing with us. Best Wishes, Marilyn

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