I Love My Country Sri Lanka..........

On top of the mountain, God sits on Adam's peak
Throwing his heavenly blessings to our nation
Blessed our country known to the
world as the Garden of Eden.
When our mountains are covered with beautiful flora
When the fauna walk freely in our jungles
When our valleys are flowing with water from heaven
When our ocean is picturesque blue
When the nature hugs our nation
Blessed our country known to the
world as the paradise on earth
When our people show their love and faith
When our people are gentle and kind
Blessed our country known to the
world for her hospitalities.
Surrounded by all of these blessings
God wants us to love one another
and live happily together surrounded by faith and trust.
Let us obey his words and build our country
as a beautiful Sri Lanka

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (5)

Now we pray and mourn for Sri Lanka.
Is there any perfect reason why you took merely the Adam's Peak? what is the significant? whatever, the poem is wonderful!
Known as the paradise on earth - you are lucky! Noone says it about Russia f.e. Very serene pious poem!
This is really a nice poem about Sri Lanka.. And Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country :) I also stumbled across a nice Sri Lankan poem site. Check it out if you like - http: //srilankapoems.com
Yes sir, it s time to rebuild...finaly the vendetta is over..... your love for the country flows through your pen...thanks for the invite...you v realy drawn a beautiful post card of our mother land with your pen..thanks...sir..10++++