Life Is What Life Is

Through all the ups, all the downs,
Some will be there, some can't be found.
If they won't care as they should, so be it.
This is life in the way that I wish to see it.

You can give your all, or you can try not.
When they decide to leave, what have you got?
You build it up, then it breaks away.
This is life in the way I see it today.

Days come and go, true hearts stay close.
Without happiness, love is an imitation at most.
You haven't stayed close, it's hard to love you,
This is life in a way that is sadly true.

To leave behind such a feeble mind,
forget it and pursue someone real.
This is my goal, and in time...
This will be life and the way that I feel.

by Edward Veilleux

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Is there any perfect reason why you took merely the Adam's Peak? what is the significant? whatever, the poem is wonderful!
Known as the paradise on earth - you are lucky! Noone says it about Russia f.e. Very serene pious poem!
This is really a nice poem about Sri Lanka.. And Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country :) I also stumbled across a nice Sri Lankan poem site. Check it out if you like - http: //
Yes sir, it s time to rebuild...finaly the vendetta is over..... your love for the country flows through your pen...thanks for the v realy drawn a beautiful post card of our mother land with your pen..thanks...sir..10++++