I Love Rainbows

I love rainbows
Do you do as me?
Bright shining colours of life
Colours of assurance and reassurance
The mystery of a conjugation
Nature and science
Its brightness is scintillating
Wish you could see it deeper and clearer
Wish I could hold it in my hands
Wish it could be here always
Wish it could hang up there for longer
Forever and ever
Wish I could have a ride on it in ecstasy
Like a unicorn taking a flight
Or the eagle spreading out
But it is a light that goes away
Wish it comes by often
Then I will be waiting here
And anywhere! ! !

Olaniyi G. Akanji
© 2015

by G. Akanji Olaniyi

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Yes i do as you What more good way to start my day than to read a poem as yours positivity overload