AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

I Love Rose Rather Than A Lotus.

Lotus was grown up without dirt.
Although it was born from the dirty mud,
Lotus has grown up so middle is empty to its stud
The Lotus was loved by poet, Tao Yuan-Ming.

Lotus must lives and born in a pond of water.
Where there is so difficult to be found in cities
My self was born and lived in civilized cities,
Where there are really seldom find any pond.

Dear Lotus how can bring you up in a pond?
I would rather plant a rose better than to you..
A rose is really colorful and beautiful.
It lives itself strongly without anthing to do.

A rose is like a beautiful lady living actively
Without too much care and water.
She lives with beautiful flowers longer
Her life is much longer than the other.

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