AW (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

I Love Salmon.

The Salmon is the most I love in the fishes world
It is born to live and swim to thousand miles away
It could swim slowly twenty nine miles every day
It grows up appealing to different kinds of water.

It could live and suffering in and between difficulties
I believe human could not do as strong as it can be
I admire its survival ability and its supreme love for home
No matter how far it left away and must come home again.

I think there are many many thousands of salmons
They are sent by the God to every conners of seas
Let the animals catch them as the seafood to eat
Unless those who are the most lazy ones no way.

How suprise you may think about them of its story?
How curious you may feel about their love and ability?
Salmon is really my beloved and respective fish to see
It encourages me in difficult lives and let me to eat.

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