DC (10th october 1985 / leicester)

I Love The Way

You make me feel wild and free
You make me feel sexy when your close to me.
You make me want to scream your name.
Even sometimes hang my head in shame.

You make me smile when you laugh.
You make me love the way
you pretend not to be looking back.
You make me shake with nerves.
Even when I’m trying to serve.

You make me laugh when your creeping
Its even funnier when your nearly sleeping.
I love it when you run around looking for chocolate
And the way your always drinking nothing but tea.

I love the fact that you pay more attention to me
Then to all the others who are prettier than me.
I love that you are a great friend
Hopefully this friendship will never end.

I love the way that you are just as shy as me
And the way you go redder than me when
Our work friends make comments and you pretend
Not to hear, I know you heard every word
I can tell by the redness of your ears.

I love the way you choke on your tea when
Someone makes a rude comment about you and me.
I love the fact that on my 21st birthday party
Your putting your sailor suit on just for me.

by Danielle Candy

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Comments (2)

What a lovely poem for your friend...I love the fact that this brings happiness to your life! Blessings! Dee
Lovely poem.Feels nice on the tongue. Ashish.