! ! I Love The Way I Love And Lust With You

Day in, day out, we spend precious time together
Talking and sharing things which interest each other
Night in, night out, we stay in touch
Loving each other, we feel this much.

In every talk we have, you play such a role
Amazingly giving me hints to toss a ball
You help me play BOLO chess, be on the look out it means best
And I guess you’re a perfect buddy I will have than the rest.

We cannot live a single day not seeing each other
Saying passionate words we do in hours; never tire and bother.
I always blush, you do too, as we bite our lips
With every romantic and lustful words as we both sexily tease.

I love the way we love each other, strong and deep
We make the hours worthwhile as we heartily keep
Longing and missing are tolerable each day
Because we know at this moment it’s the only way.

I love the way I lust with you, oh Hon, I do
Sensible and respectful, embracing it, nothing to undo,
We know we need to wait patiently until we can fulfill
The completeness we want to have so much in real.

by Inner Whispers

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A very dreamy sketch full of reality and intimacy. Loved the expression full of joy and togetherness being blissfully enjoyed.