I Love The Way You Move Me

the way you move
my heart
my soul is full of joy
love i have for you
is better each day
i need you to realize
what you do to me
i am hook on what you have
do what you do
just be yourself
that what i love
don't change up
you know what you want
i'm so glad it me
guess what i want you too
i do for you what you want
i dream of you
all of my life
i search high and low
for a love like
you have given me
you know what i want
what you seem to have
you give it to me
best moment of my life
i love it all
heaven send your love
must be
i can't seem to forget
when we are a part
i confession i love you
i want you badly
to give me your love
to stand by me
our love will
never die

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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