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I Love The You, I Know.
GCN (18th JAN / Warri/Delta State/Nigeria)

I Love The You, I Know.

Poem By Golda C NjiribeakoAlexander

Looking back on the times we’ve been there for the other
Looking back on the memories of just the two of us
Looking back on the highs and lows of being in love
Looking back on occasions we’ve cried on each other’s solid shoulder
Looking back on the day we made the first promise to ourselves
I realize I love the ‘You’ I know each blessed day, my love

Looking back on the sacrifices we’ve had to make for the other
Looking back on the joy I see looking into your eyes
Looking back on the search for the taste of true love
Looking back at the inner strength we draw from each other
Looking back on the laughter that zings through your sexy voice
Makes me say, I love the ‘You’ I know each day, my love

I would always strive to make you happier than the previous day
I swear I would give you all I am, my precious
I know being human, I may miss a step or two each day
I promise to be your pride and wipe away your fears
For looking back at us and where we are today
I can say for sure, I love the ‘You’ I know each day

Copyright © Golda Njiribeako 25th June,2007.

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Great style of writing. I really appreciate your style. Enjoyed reading. Kudos!
Amazing style of poetry. I enjoyed reading your poem. Kudos!
your poem is fantastic poem, very beautiful
Such inTENse passionate love written well appreciated by me. I had ta give ya a tenner kind woman of the loving heart. Your poem was excellent. God bless all poets-MJG.