I Love Those Magic Morninghs

It is so magnificent
just waking up in the early morning
and seeing you outside

Your silhouette is enhanced
by the way the breeze
ruffles your night gown

Seeing you first thing
in the morning
awakens my senses
and I feel alive

This mist in the mornings like this
reminds me of why we are here at this place

It is so serene and beautiful
just as are you my precious gem of life

I love it when you noticed
that I was watching
and you gave me
a flirtatious wink

Your smile indicated
that mischief was
coming my way
as your gown dropped
to the ground

Love making is wonderful
with someone that you
love and adore
You feel sensational in my arms

Your skin is as moist
as a tender kiss
and your lips soft
as rose petals

There is nothing
that I love better
than waking up to
magic mornings
and you my love


by G.B. Smith

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This is a very wonderful poem about I love those magic mornings.